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OnePurse One Planet Ltd is a not for profit organisation that was created to empower individuals and to create a support network for leaders with a passion and purpose to create positive change in the world.

We do this through creating a platform and supportive network of skill sets and funding opportunities to assist people with a vision to create their projects, ground them and make them available in the world.

If you have a project or a vision and are looking for a creative network or funding direction or opportunity then perhaps we can assist.

Kelly Kingston

Co-Director OPOP

Founder and Co-Director – One Purse One Planet and Creator of NUU You(th)

Kelly is a World Leading Wellness Leader Business Specialist. Known in the Wellness Industry as Kelly BizQueen. She is an International Multi Award Winning Woman in Business | Global Film Producer | Charity Executive | Board Member and a Wellness Practitioner.

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Samyo Dalgarno

Co-Director OPOP

Samyo has a passion for humanity & believes that with “the will”, humanity could rebuild itself into a fair and equitable society, whose goal is personal discovery and empowerment rather than the merely the endless seeking of material “things”.

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Jeremy Britton

Co-Director OPOP

Jeremy is our Program Director for NUU – Education for the Real World as well as a great supporter of many of our projects. Jeremy had a wildly entrepreneurial spirit from early age. He started his first financial planning business at age 19 and proceeded to start and own several financial planning businesses, as well as retail stores and …

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