Jeremy Britton

Jeremy is our Program Director for NUU – Education for the Real World as well as a great supporter of many of our projects.

I started my first business at age 19, and went on to create a dozen more startups over the next few years. I made a lot of mistakes. I “failed forward” and learned a lot about business, as well as learning about myself.

​Approaching business with the mindset of an employee can often mean that we put in too much time in the role, and neglect our family or ourselves. I worked 60-70 hours each week and it destroyed my health and my relationships. After a heart attack at age 33, I woke up and decided to change everything

​Since 2005, I have worked 24 hours a week, and balanced my lifestyle, with healthy work habits, social life, spirituality and self-care.

After selling my “bootstrap” startup for six figures, I have been coaching other business owners in dozens of industries on how to make twice as much money in half the time.

You can find Jeremy on YouTube or look him up at

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